Thursday, April 19, 2007

Penne al petto di pollo (Penne Pasta with Chicken Breast)

Last night I prepared Penne al petto di pollo (penne pasta with chicken breasts) with love for B and L. L gave me a tumbs up for the dish, he ate a bowl of mixed salad and red grapes for desert, not forgetting a glass of cool green Tea with ice in a tall glass. And ask what are we going to eat for dinner tomorrow? Hey it seems whenever he speaks its only food in on his mind.. Just like most italians... Anyway let me share this with everyone who loves to impress the girlfriends or boyfriends!!!

Happy cooking! Take care and enjoy!!

You can one day take a photo of the dish and add in this blog.

For now I am able to share just a little.. of this below as follows...

per 4 persone ( for 4 persons)

Ingredienti (ingredients)

400g di penne
2 pettidi pollo
500g di polpa
2 asparagi
2 spichi di aglio
1 cipolla ben tritatti
Sale e pepe

nel padella mette olio cipolla e aglio fai ben soffrito ,
Petti di pollo , dorare bene mette pomodoro sale e pepe fai cuocere fin che cotto.

400g of penne pastas
2 chicken breasts diced
500 g of whole peel tomatoes (in cans)
2 asparagus dice and scalded
2 cloves of garlic chopped well
1 small onion chopped
2 tablespoon of canola oil

In a frying pan add oil onion and garlic fry till golden brown add the dice chicken
Salt and pepper simmer on slow fire till sauce thickens and chicken well cooked.
Set aside.

For pasta
On the stove put a pot of boiling water and add a teaspoon of salt add the penne pasta and cook for 10 mins
When done al dente, drain and pour in a serving bowl add a knob of butter and pour the sauce over and serve.

Buona Appetito!! good appetite!!

400 g pasta penne
dua kepeng dadar ayam di potong kechil
500g tomato dalam tin
2 asparagus di potong kechil
2 bawang peteh di potong halus
1 bawang merah di potong halus
Garam dan serbok lada puteh
2 sudu minyak canola

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