Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Prawn Omelette

Cooking has always been my best hobby and passion. My joy is when I serve the dishes and find my kakis enjoying finger lickiing good like the pepper crabs etc.

My favorite dish is prawn omelette. Whenever I pass by the wet market like Tekka Market at Serangoon Rd , I will stop and buy most of my ingredients like huan swee (chinese parsley), spring onions, slice freshly cooked bambooshoots, lengkuas (blue ginger), kunyit (turmeric), serai (lemon-grass) ginger -young and old. Belachan (penang), red chillies, green chillies. And seafoods or fresh fish like ikan selar,ikan kuleng, ikan pari , prawns etc.

For prawn omelette, it is a fast preparation and easy to prepare when I need to do 1000 and one things a day before I go to work (Itaian/English speaking guide) or interpreter work for some companies. When I am cooking it is like therapy for me. While preparing I get to think or recollect all the things I did and I get to think of ideas on how to present my commentary so its fun for my tourists or my Singaporean friends.

Prawn Omelette
ingredients for 4 persons
Eggs 4
a pinch of salt and a dash of pepper
15 small prawns shelled
two tablespoon of canola oil or organic frying oil is better for health conscious

Heat the oil in a frying pan, beat the eggs and add the seasonings and prawns and pour on to the hot oil. Control the fire, when it is cooked, a fragrant smell coming, use a dinner plate and turn the omelette and cook the other side till golden brown. When it is ready turn it on a plate and serve with piping hot rice and dark soya sauce with cut red chilles.

Mmh! it tastes so good.. one can serve with beansprouts fried with salted fish or fried tau kua.

Gamberi e uova frittata!
4 uova
15 gamberi piccoli fresce
sale e pepe
2 cuchaio di olio da friggere

Nel padela aggungire olio, quando e' bel caldo, sbattute le uove ed ganberisale ed pepe, mette sul lapadella e cuoce bene sotto e poi col un piatto grande gira la frittata unaltra parte e cuoce fin che e ben profumato. Spento il fuoco, po servire la frittatta col riso caldo ,salsa di soia col pepperoncinotagliati bene fine, fine.

Mmh! Buona Appetitto!

Udang omelette
Empat telor
15 udang kechil garam
sedikit degan lada puteh
2 sudu minyak

Tarok minyak dalam kuali bila sudah panas ,di pukul telor dengan udang anserebok beraser, tuangdalam kuali , di goreng sampai gareng bawa, dan balek kan goreng sapai masak. Bila nak makan dengan nasi panas ooh! sedap nya!!

Selamat makan, bolhjuga dengan ketcup itam den chilli merah di potong..

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